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Title Asset Class Source (Link)
Evaluation of MDOT’s Long-Life Pilot Projects Roads MDOT
Michigan Transportation Funding Options White Paper Transportation/Roads HNTB
Michigan Transportation Funding Recommendation Transportation/Roads HNTB
Ohio and Columbus: A Tale of Two States Placemaking Greater Ohio Policy Center
Smart Columbus Transportation Smart Columbus
Five-year Transportation Program Transportation MDOT
Trunkline Pavement Scenarios Roads MDOT
Trunkline Bridge Scenarios Roads MDOT
Michigan’s 2022 Roads and Bridges Annual Report Roads TAMC
The Impact of Electric Vehicle Adoption on Road Funding in Michigan Roads CRA
Michigan Transportation Infrastructure Needs and Funding Solutions Roads MITA
2023 Michigan Infrastructure Report Card Infrastructure ASCE
Michigan Water Asset Management Council 2022 Annual Report Water WAMC
Transportation Solutions – A Report on Michigan’s Transportation Needs and Funding Alternative Transportation Transportation Solutions
21st Century Infrastructure Commission Report Infrastructure 21st Century Infrastructure Commission
Michigan Statewide Tolling Study Roads MDOT
National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program Roads MDOT
How the Pandemic Spurred a Housing Crisis in Cities Across the Nation Housing Politico
Electric cars face ‘punitive’ fees, new restrictions in many states Transportation Politico
MI Future Mobility Plan Transportation Office of Future Mobility and Electrification
A Roadmap for Michigan’s EV Future: An Assessment of the Employment Effects and Just Transition Needs Transportation World Resources Institute
A New Economic Development Strategy for Michigan: Put People and Place First to Create Good-Paying Jobs Placemaking Michigan Future, Inc.
MDOT showcases new innovative road building method on I-696 Roads CBS Detroit
1 big thing: COVID, climate law create path to green housing Housing Axios
Evaluation of MDOT’s Long-Life Pilot Projects Roads MDOT
Pavement Demonstration Project Annual Status Report Roads MDOT
EV and RUC EVs and Roads MDOT
State of Transportation Transportation and Roads MDOT
Michigan Housing Overview and Programs Housing MSHDA